I love this site, and I check it every day. I can’t visit this site without having a big grin on my face.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not the fashion police. The people who feel it necessary to throw on their Ed Hardy shirt, Gucci belt and Guess jeans to go to Walmart are just as bad as these Wal-creatures, but definitely aren’t quite as interesting to look at.

I’ve had my rough days (notably, coming off night shift), however if I ever appear in public with a mullet, wearing short-shorts (or boxers), a mesh shirt, and bathroom slippers, I’m requesting that I promptly be shot or otherwise be put out of my misery.

For those haters that say “not everyone’s well off”, I agree. I came from a very poor family (lots of hand me down clothes, etc), but I still didn’t look like a drunken circus clown. Yes, there are those that suffer from mental instability, however those that cannot dress themselves (and are indecent in the process) should be looked after by the professionals.

Anyhow, peopleofwalmart, keep up the good work. Stay classy!

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