MC Pee Pants

I moved to a new city the day after Halloween, and was still getting used to the town and so on. I decided to stop into Wal-Mart because even though I hate it there, it was the only place I could get a key made and grocery shop at 11 pm.

As I made my pilgrimage the back (to have my key made) I passed a very large young woman heaving half off Halloween candy into her cart. But what caught my attention was that she was wearing a spagetti strap tank top (that was small enough to fit my 5 year old cousin) and stretchy hot pink booty shorts (keep in mind it was 40 degrees out!). So after I was staring at her I realized that she had dark stains on the crotch of her shorts. She had in fact wet her pants and was continuing to shop…

I decided right then and there that Wal-Mart is not the place to shop when you live in a small town!

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