They Do Exist

My best friend flew in from Washington state and the first place we stopped is WM. The whole way down (and previously MONTHS before) she was making fun of people in Arkansas – saying that most have no teeth, wear no shoes, and wear clothes that are made for children but somehow they squeeze into them.
I defended them. I know there are rednecks and we see a lot of them around here, but I hadn’t ever seen the crazy hillbillies that make moonshine on their shanty porch, even at WM.
We spent 45 minutes and as we walked through the exit to leave with our merchandise here comes Ma and Pa Hillbilly out from their hole.
She looked at me, busted up laughing, while I stood there looking at these two.
Pa was wearing overalls that probably hadn’t been washed in a month or more hanging scarily low to areas that need to be kept private, no shirt or shoes, and had like two teeth.
Ma was wearing the most obnoxious “look at me” yellow tube top – that was 18 sizes too small, cut off shorts that fully accentuated the “done lop” (belly that has fully fallen over the belt of the pants), no shoes, and had absolutely no teeth.
All I could say to my best friend after exiting the store, “They do exist.”

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