Off With Your Head

I ran out of some flour and sugar for bread dough I was making and ended up making a late night trip to Walmart. While inside the store, I saw nothing unusual, that is until I went to check out. In the lane ahead of me was someone dressed in a full fursuit, some kind of dog is my best guess. It was attempting to buy a large bottle of alcohol and when the cashier asked for their ID, they pointed at their collar. The cashier informed them that they needed a state issued photo ID to identify them with, so the furry handed over a drivers license. The cashier asked the furry to remove the costume head so he could be matched with the photo. The furry mimed something and the cashier repeated the request. The furry then shouted “You wouldn’t make a woman take off her make-up would you!? This is who I am!!” The cashier handed the ID back and told the furry that if he wouldn’t remove the costume head, then he couldn’t buy alcohol. The furry threw his arms in the air and made some weird howling sound before running off. I stood there stunned until the cashier got my attention and checked my items. Needless to say, I will be avoiding late night Walmart trips from now on.

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