Why Are You Proud Of That?

My friends and I have argued about who loves Walmart more, who goes there more and so on. Well I have the Ultimate Fan of Walmart Story! I was shopping one night at about 3 am. As I’m in the checkout line, the woman ringing me up starts in on all the drama going on […]

Mistaken Identity

I was working in the garden center when a customer brought me a plant that she wanted me to do a price check on. As I was checking the price of it she was telling me that the tag said $6.00 but there were clearance signs on them. The price came up $6.00 so I […]

Off With Your Head

I ran out of some flour and sugar for bread dough I was making and ended up making a late night trip to Walmart. While inside the store, I saw nothing unusual, that is until I went to check out. In the lane ahead of me was someone dressed in a full fursuit, some kind […]

$10 For A BJ, $12 For An HJ, $15 For A ZJ

One day while shopping at my local Walmart, I overheard a page on the announcement system: “Assistant Manager Tom to toys for a Hummer, please? Assistant Manager Tom to toys for a Hummer.” I started giggling, so did the lady in the next aisle. It’s official! Walmart sells everything!