Jack ‘Em Up

It’s funny because it’s true.


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94 Comments Tennessee  //  Vehicles

The Good Life


You are not a true baller until you have a panda scene airbrushed (and by airbrushed of course i mean you had your 13 year old neighbor paint a panda on your RV with some oil colors) on your cruise mobile.

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63 Comments Kentucky  //  Vehicles

Mourning Colors


I challenge you to find pants to match fuzzy pink flip flops and green nail polish, then have someone take your picture and send it to us.

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139 Comments California  //  Walmart Fashion

So Bright


Thank god I didn’t wear my lime green neon pants, banana yellow pumps and tie dyed shirt like I was planning…. that may have been awkward.

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127 Comments Idaho  //  Walmart Fashion

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