These Boots Are Made For Bingo


Don’t laugh! Maybe her granddaughter borrowed her Uggs and mini-skirt. Sometimes you just have to make do.

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If you are going to paint something so ridiculous on your car, couldn’t you at least put it on the back so when the time comes that your 1988 Honda Accord finally passes somebody that it actually makes sense. Maybe? Still probably not though…
North Carolina

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A Little Fruity

I always assumed the lemon would carry the man-purse, but thanks to this picture we can now put that argument to rest. You know, with the ketchup they kinda have a nice stoplight thing going on there too.
New York

113 Comments New York  //  Walmart Fashion

Blue Dragon

Are those ankle weights, half-socks or sweatbands? Does she think that if things are kind of the same color they can go together? Are see-through shorts only appropriate with shiny blue hats? I wish I knew how these things worked.

119 Comments Florida  //  Walmart Fashion

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