While at Walmart, I was walking past the register area and I spotted a wonderful specimen of Wal-Creature… A woman who’s hair was parted down the middle and half was jet black while the other half was LITERALLY neon pink (I wont even go in to the ridiculousness that was her outfit). So neon pink, that I guess that there would be no way in the world for this color to even exist in hair dye. I quickly looked interested in some purses to hide and take a picture to submit here when her friend, a Wal-creature as well, comes bounding toward me as if she were an 800 pound gorilla and I was a bunch of bananas (no quite as far off of a description as it sounds). She started screaming at me asking if I was a paparazzi, and did I even know who she was, and how dare I try to capture their pictures, etc.. I kindly replied that no, I did not in fact know who she was nor was I a paparazzi. She then demanded that we “take this outside” to which I said “No thanks, but I’m sure the police would be happy to meet you out there.” Apparently that scared her sufficiently and she stormed away. I did not dare to even attempt another picture.

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