i am not going to this site anymore everytime i look at a picture then i have to look at obamas face. He is the worse president ever unless you are a minority and want everything for free. which is why he was re-elected. your site sucks

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  1. Gary Roush says:

    It’s very hard to take you seriously when you rely on lowbrow attempts to insult people all the while logging in as “Guest”. Stand behind your opinions, be proud of where you stand and use your name.

  2. Gary Roush says:

    Well said.

  3. Joe says:

    Haha, blame POTUS for the people who shop at Walmart. It used to be such a classy place.

  4. James M Phillips says:

    If I am not mistaken, Pat is a “blogger” at HIS blog, ‘The Thinking Americanist’. I could be wrong. But the verbose, delightful banter reminds me of him. If it is the same Pat, he really does live in his parent’s basement and is an unemployed truck driver or something. He’s like 40 and covered in residue of Pepsi and Cheeto dust

  5. Pow says:

    Well ya know, half the people in das walmark are in there spending food stamps and welfare, its not a surprise ignorant lazy liberals would look like crap too.

  6. MasterReViewmaster800 says:

    I dont know man

  7. EwStew says:

    Please direct me to this blog!

  8. WellFuKinLatiDa says:

    All I see are grossly overweight people in MAGA tarps On little rascals paying with their food stamps so I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!
    Obama 2020!

  9. bob fielder says:

    And this is how people like trump get elected. I mean I am probably about to start a war I cant win in the comments but… dude Obama wasn’t a bad president don’t get me wrong he wasn’t the best president America ever had but why cant he show his face on here…
    Anyway hopefully the riots will stop soon

    Peace out .u.

  10. Sean says:

    “Hur Hur You want things for free”
    Maybe your dumb ass doesn’t pay taxes but I sure as shit do. It aint free if you fucking pay for it. dipshit fighting against your own interest

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