Pickin’ Your Boogers And Flickin’ ‘Em

I never thought I would have a story for POW, I don’t really shop at Walmart. I do occasionally go to a Walmart Neighborhood Market. Which is basically a grocery store only- very few non food products- just the same type of things you would see at a normal grocery store. Anyway this store is in a pretty good Neighborhood, not the type to attract too many Wal-creatures.

I was in the dairy section and this guy (40 overweight) was standing in front of the milk case so I waited, He was just standing there so I decided to go around and circle back to the milk case, as I pass him he has his finger shoved way up his nose, pulls it out looks at it and wipes it on the glass front of the milk case. I decided I didn’t need milk after all, and focused on keeping breakfast down as I walked away.

I took the advice that I have read on POW stay ahead of the gross person so you finish with an isle before they get to it. So I finish my shopping in record time. I go up to the register, and there is only one open and guess who is in front of me. I look around desperately hoping there is another checker that just doesn’t have their light on, but there isn’t. I am standing their convincing myself, that it will be ok, he won’t touch the belt you put the groceries on, I will use a tissue for the debit machine. Just then he reaches down the back of his pants and starts digging. I can’t help it; I say oh my God and retch. He turns around and gives me a disgusted look like I am disturbing him. I abandoned my groceries and won’t be going back.

State: AZ

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