Real Doll Featured At Walmart

Real Doll Walmart

Recently a real doll has rolled into Walmart. We’ll call her Barbie, pun intended since she’s made of plastic. Barbie is a faux sugar baby who likes long rolls on the beach, and riding near the self checkout. Her dislikes are her lover’s grandson who constantly puts her in the toy box, and telling grandpa she’s “fake.”


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  1. Joe Scheiss says:

    Grandkid should be glad papaw isn’t having “special” moments with him and buggering his cherry bung hole.

  2. Bizidy says:

    She looks a bit young for him

  3. Steve Canyon says:

    When did the Society of Burlesque Ventriloquists start doing youth outreach programs at Walmart?

  4. Steve says:

    Reminds me of the Family Guy episode where Peter and Joe swapped bodies

  5. Jack says:

    Makes me embarrassed to be ex-Navy.

  6. MizSo says:

    All three voted for Joe.

  7. Richard says:

    Gramps: “When I die I’m leaving you my most valuable possession”

    Grandson: “Please don’t.”

  8. Noneofyourbusiness. says:

    Are you guys even trying anymore? This pic is as old as me! You have posted it twice in the past!

  9. Harry DingleBerry says:

    sorry it’s a trumptard family, his sex doll reminds him of his 12yr old daughter

  10. Scorched Earth says:

    Grandson: “I don’t know this man.”

    Scorched Earth

  11. Mm says:

    Awwww FFS, that picture is all kinds of F*****D up, Sorry admins this is the politest I can make my reply without being booted off this site.

  12. Public Enema says:

    At least he waited till he got home before he sniffed her hairs.

  13. Public Enema says:

    Poor kid thinks Gramps is buy him a friend.

    Public Enema

  14. Public Enema says:

    It’s going to be a long ride home.

  15. Biden says:

    I get excited touching hair

  16. Biden says:

    Im glad i could coold count on this voter.joe biden

  17. Ira says:

    That’s just his emotional support doll.

  18. Julie says:

    Anyone else think this is the saddest thing they’ve seen all day?

  19. Eric W Ragsdale says:

    Why does this pedderass have a doll that looks like a kid! ? People think that this is funny??!!! SICK FUCKS HIM AND ANYONE ELSE WHO THINKS IT IS FUNNY!!!!

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