Snap Into A Slim Jim!

I made the mistake of going to the local Walmart past 10pm and right after the first of the month. I was back in the baby department when I heard yelling and shouting towards the front of the store. So, being the curious, drama loving woman that I am, I went towards the noise. I made it halfway through the store to see a crowd of black women shouting at each other with about 8 kids ranging in age from 1 – 10 running around the front of the store. I have no clue what the women were screaming at each other about but once they were done fighting they turned to take out their frustration on their children that were running around through all the aisles ripping products off the shelves. I watched one mother, who was no more then 19 and pregnant, grab a Slim Jim out of her son’s hand and chase him through the aisles whipping him with the Slim Jim. Forget picking up what he had thrown everywhere, she just continued to beat him with the Slim Jim then threw it onto the floor.

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