Taco Hell

I walked into a Walmart at around 11PM, as work doesn’t allow me to get to “superstores” earlier… and in perfect Walmart fashion I arrived to purchase ammunition that I heard Walmart carried. Well, before heading to the ammo section, I decided to hit he bathroom up before heading back to the Sporting Section of the store. When I entered the bathroom, there was a terrible smell that I just couldn’t justify staying in the room with while I relieved myself. So I decided to make my purchase with a full bladder. So, I bought my ammo quickly, proceeded to pay and enter the bathroom again after paying. Well, the smell wasn’t as bad, but I was upset to see a middle aged man missing many of his teeth washing his underpants in the sink there. Upon entering the first stall (since I didn’t want to use a urinal while watching a man cleaning his underwear) I found a mess that I could barely stomach. I moved to a stall two over and proceeded to pee. When I came out he was still washing his underpants, looked at me and told me “Damn ‘spics’ poisoned my food to make me shit myself.” I merely looked at him (ammo in bag) and walked out without even approaching the sink while trying to keep myself from wretching. I debated on telling the people there, but just wanted to distance myself from the situation.

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