this site is lame. as are the people who post comments here. the photos are obviously not taken with peoples “consent”. most of the folks who you show on here are more than likely poor or mentally challenged. mind you, you reptillian fucks, I said MOST. some of the comments i see under these photos […]


what the fuck is wrong with you people how would you feel if somebody did this to you? you would be pretty hurt would you stupid bitch ass peices of shit. get a fucking life and do something you worthless ass motherfuckers


How could you do this to people? Especially people who are disabled. It’s not nice to do that to innocent people. Even though the pictures can be amusing, they are probably hurtful to the people in them. Karma’s gonna come back for you. Watch out………………..


even thought i must admit some of these pictures are quiet funny, do you not understand how hurtful it is to those people? i wouldnt want a picture of me on soem website and i doubt you would either..karmas a bitch remeber that…