Walmart Baby

I’ve been working in Walmart for about three months now and have had the luxury of witnessing one incident that needs to be told. Inside of our Walmart we have a Subway, and usually around noon it gets pretty packed in there. Well, one young woman rung up for three items… 1) Prophylactics. 2) Home EPT. 3) Mouthwash.

Needless to say, several thoughts obviously came to mind of the reasoning behind such items, considering the young woman had to be no older than 16, and her attire seemed to fit the description of a “street walker”. Well I finally get on break about an hour or so after this, and proceeded to the Subway and ended up behind the same young woman, however…

In her bag I only saw the prophylactics, an empty bottle of mouthwash, and the EPT was gone. So I’m standing on line watching this young woman, who appeared intoxicated considering she couldn’t stand straight, let alone walk straight.

So she get’s to the first Subway “Sandwich Artist” (laughable), and he just very calmly greets her and asks what she’d like… She looks up and wings the bag and box o’ Magnum at this man’s head like a bullet, then proceeds to scream the following…

“You f***in’ n*****! You ruined my life! You got me pregnant you bastard!”

At this point, everyone is looking on with great curiosity, along with whom I’m guessing is the manager of the store at the register. He comes over and pulls the employee off the line and the young woman is still screaming obscenities towards the man and everyone else within the store. This goes on for about ten minutes until police show up and escort the young woman out.

One of the officers question me about the event, I give him my statement, grab my lunch and head outside for a cigarette. At this point I’m standing nearby the police car where the young woman was being held in, and I can hear the officers talking back and forth…

Officer one: What was her BAC?
Officer two: Point zero-nine.
One: Where’d she get the alcohol from?
Two: I don’t know, I’m guessing she got it from a friend or something.

At this point, cigarette is out, and I’m back at work.

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