Did You Wait 5 Minutes?

Last night I went into the restroom at Walmart. All of the stalls were taken but there were a few ladies who were outside of one waiting on a friend. They stated that their friend would be a while. They all looked like they had been at some sort of bar so I just assumed she was drunk and was probably throwing up. It happens, no big deal. Well, after I use the restroom I hear, “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh…” To which her friends respond, “Let us in!!” I slowly started to realize that this girl was not throwing up or having stomach issues, because of the repeated phrases “Did you read it right?”, “Am I reading it right?” and “Did you wait 5 minutes?” This girl found out news that drastically changes one’s life in the WALMART BATHROOM! Apparently she really couldn’t wait to get home, or at least somewhere more private. Glad I could share this special moment with them.

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