Sopping Up The Alcohol

I was doing some grocery shopping recently at my local Wal-Mart. A friend of mine, who is an employee there, stopped me and said “You’ve got to come and see this!” I followed him to the paper towel/toilet paper aisle, where there was a small crowd gathered, and pointed to the racks and said “Look […]

Feeling Frisky

My mother and I were standing outside Wal-Mart while I was having a smoke before shopping. An older gentleman in his 70s approaches us and starts jabbing his umbrella at my mom. He opens it, spins it around and says “Where is my buddy at?” He walks off and we start laughing hysterically. A few […]

Smooth Criminals

I was a student in high school at the time and was a cashier at the local Wal-Mart as a part time job. One Saturday, the CSM’s were coming around and telling all of the cashiers that there were two ladies back in the children/baby clothing and they were switching price tags on clothes, putting […]


This website is just amazing. If I’m feeling like crap, or I’m questioning how I look I can go here. Yes, it is a little mean, but I always feel a bit better. Plus, now every once and awhile, I’ll pop into a Walmart and try and catch one of those people for a picture. […]