You guys are the best! Keep it up, don’t listen to people who don’t have a sense of humor. It is thoughs own peoples fault that they go to Wal-mart looking like idiots. Well I guess thats why Wal-mart was made! 🙂 This is the most cleverist web-site ever. I can always count on you […]

A Little Surprise

My buddy is a shift manager at Wal-Mart. He told me that one night while walking the store, he spotted a promotions flyer lying in the middle of the floor down one aisle. He stopped and went over to pick it up. When he did, he realized someone hadn’t just randomly dropped it onto the […]

In The Flesh

I remember several years back when I was working for a local Division 1 store. We had a customer who decided to enlighten us with the news of the second coming of Jesus. The woman was maybe in her 40’s. She did not seem to be intoxicated, and actually acted like she was level-headed and […]

Give Me Back My Filet-O-Fish

I worked at Wal-Mart in the jewlery department. When the fitting room attendents are gone, all incoming calls are forwarded to us. As I answer the phone one day, I am greeted by a very angry customer. She informs me that she bought a fish and needs to return it. So I go through the […]