I love this freakin site ! Its awesome..YOu do a great job with it. I look forward to seeing new pics everyday. Keep up the excellent work that you do !


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS SITE!!! I didn’t realize this site existed, until a good friend starting sending me “Peeps of Walmart” emails. Now I’m hooked. W/all the fashion mags & shows out here, it’s amazing to see such bad taste in clothing. It’s GREAT to express yourself & be true to you. But really…some […]

Honey Nut Cheerios

I used to work in the grocery department stocking shelves and whatnot, and I would always see this guy in a raggy flannel shirt and even raggier jeans walking around always with someone escorting him. He would always walk by and stare at me with the eeriest smile I’ve ever seen. Well one day I […]

Flop ‘Em & Drop ‘Em

My family and I were finishing up our trip to Wally World and had circled through the medical supplies aisle. There was a middle-aged couple walking down the same aisle and they paused. The female, missing several teeth and sporting a wicked smokers rasp, pulled her arm out of her long-sleeved shirt and placed it […]