Pitfalls In Parenting

My friend and I were walking into a Walmart not long ago when we noticed what seemed to be a little girl, 3 years old or so, digging in the back of her pants. As we got closer we realized that she was not digging in her pants, she was trying to pull them up […]

(S)He Said (S)He Said

Today I went to Walmart to pick up a couple things with my dad. We walk in and see this… person in the middle of the aisle talk loudly while pushing a carriage. They were creating traffic and being obxnoxious. Now, I’m pretty sure it was women but it could very well be a man. […]

The Lost Child

I used to work customer service desk at Wal Mart and I have had my share of horror. The customer service desk often receives lost items found in the store but one day a customer brought us a screaming lost little boy. We were able to get his mom’s name and we paged her to […]

Sexy Negligee

This was a long time ago, before the invention of the Super Walmart. Me and a buddy were in the shoe aisle looking at some hiking boots. All of a sudden, a nice gentleman came up to us and asked if we could verify what he was seeing. We proceed around the corner of the […]