Some Of That Yack

One time I went to my neighborhood Walmart on a Saturday evening at about 6:00 pm. This Walmart was in a poor neighborhood in town. As I was going through the entrance, I noticed that the cart area was closed because a Walmart worker was mopping something up. I listened closer and heard the worker […]

Poppin’ Pimples

It was opening weekend at the new WalMart in our town, and the wife and I stopped by to check out the sights. While walking down the bread aisle, we notice a less than classy looking couple ahead of us. It appeared that the guy was rubbing his fair maiden’s back or neck. However, as […]

Lesbian Bathroom Action

Okay, so my mom, sis, and I were shopping at the Wal and decided to take a pee break. We decided to go to the one at the back of the store since it was closer. As usual, we took a look under the bathroom doors to see which ones were free. While looking under […]

Camping Trip

While I was growing up, my mother and father operated a dog kennel. Not long after I got my driver’s license, I was asked to help with the “kennel errands”. One such errand was for me to go to Wal-Mart and pick up a large quantity of canned dog food. Just as every 16 year […]