Brought To You By A Wal-Creature

I was in WalMart two days before Christmas last year. I happened to be nearly 9 months pregnant and had feet the size of balloons, among other body parts so I was obviously insane to go into WalMart but I HAD to buy 2 things and one of them (specific ribbon for my nursery’s wall letters) could only be found at WalMart. So off I went through the torrential crowds. Having snagged my two items, I headed to the Express lane, where, as usual, the 20 items or less guideline was being ignored by people with carts piled high with items. I decided to stand my ground though, as the lines were no better anywhere else. When I was two people from the register, I noticed a girl about 16 years old standing to the right of me, examining the bags of chips that were displayed there. She picked up a bag of Doritos, decided to purchase them I guess, and then…stepped in front of me and stood there. I kind of stared at her, totally blown away that she had just broken in line so confidently. I turned around and looked at the woman behind me who shrugged her shoulders, equally confused. I tapped the girl on the shoulder. When she turned around, I said “Um…you just broke in front of me?” She looked at me, seemingly not understanding why I had dared speak to her, then shrugged and said, “I only have this one thing” and turned around. Mainly due to exhaustion, I kept my mouth shut. However, once over the shock, I realized what I should have said, which was, “I don’t give a $%^^&& you little ^&*(( if you have 1 item or 422, you can walk your little %^&*( to the back of the line!”

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