Brought To You By A Wal-Creature

I was in WalMart two days before Christmas last year. I happened to be nearly 9 months pregnant and had feet the size of balloons, among other body parts so I was obviously insane to go into WalMart but I HAD to buy 2 things and one of them (specific ribbon for my nursery’s wall […]

Candid Camera

Last week a friend and I were making a late night trip to Walmart and on our way in we noticed a couple gearing up a video camera in the parking lot. I thought either something funny or amazing was about to go down so we stayed behind them as inconspicuous as possible. The man […]

Belly Up

Three years ago I was heavily pregant with my first child. As the due date grew closer I decided to venture to the local Wal-Mart in Goose Creek, SC to purchase a few needed items. Naturally I went straight to the infant section, scanning through the bottles and bibs trying to decide what to purchase […]