Candid Camera

Last week a friend and I were making a late night trip to Walmart and on our way in we noticed a couple gearing up a video camera in the parking lot. I thought either something funny or amazing was about to go down so we stayed behind them as inconspicuous as possible. The man tucked the camera under his shirt as they entered the store and both walked in casually. My buddy and I knew something was up at this point so we definitely were going to follow them then. At one point they broke up and took separate paths so we stuck with sly camera man.

As it turns out the dude very calmly took the camera out from under his shirt and set himself up behind a clothes rack. The woman, who was still in eye sight, walked in front of a bunch of people and fell screaming and hollering about how someone left something slippery on the floor. My friend and I just looked at each other in disbelief.

Anyway as some official people wearing vests came to aid the poor lady doing a fine acting job we managed to pull a manager aside and pointed out the dude with the camera who was still filming the whole fiasco completely oblivious to us pointing at him and explaining what they were doing since they walked in the store.

Ended up the cops being called and them getting escorted out of the establishment with nothing but them hollering saying they were going to sue anyway because Walmart was racist.

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