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Let’s Get A Divorse

I’m sorry to here that you’re beutiful weding did not have a hapy ending. Wile i’m sad u got a divorse id geuss its 4 the bestest.


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Everyday I’m Smugglin’

Unless you are a model or European, don’t wear a Speedo. In fact, I’m pretty sure Europeans even know they look stupid in Speedos but they wear them anyway just because they have bought into their own stereotype. Anyway, I digress. The point here is you have a tiny package and nobody wants to see it.


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The Know It All


There may be hope for this generation after all. I’m sure our pals over at TheProudParents.com would agree this is a parenting win.


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The Great Pumpkins

She is either shoplifting those pumpkins or those are real and she can’t sleep on her stomach.


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