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For some reason- and maybe it’s the whole “cookies and milk” combo, our WM keeps the baker’s rack of the items they’re trying to get rid of in the milk section. While picking up my milk, I witnessed a family- a mother (riding in the store’s motorized cart- too lazy to walk- later I witnessed her younger children playing and driving the cart while she walked without any apparent trouble), 2 small children, and a teenager stop at said baker’s rack. I happened to see the teenager pick out a container of cookies, open it up, and take a bite. I have no issue with this, as I myself tend to snack while I shop. (And yes, I ALWAYS pay for what I open!) She complained that the cookie was stale…And then proceeded to put the cookie back in the container, close it, and put it back on the rack! To make it worse, she then opened not one, but TWO of the other containers of cookies and repeated the same process! After taking a nibble out of each of the 3 cookie containers that sat on the rack, each time getting the same result, the family moved on. I could only think to myself, “What in the hell is wrong with people?!” I then found an employee and told them what I had just witnessed. They then removed the containers of cookies from the rack and threw them away. It’s ridiculous how rude and disgusting people are. Even worse, those are the ones who keep procreating. It’s time for a new plague. Note to self: Probably never going to buy cookies from the Walmart bakery…Ever…Thanks, guys…

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