Ebony & Ivory

I work at the local Walmart as a cashier. Usually things are pretty calm, except for one Saturday morning. I was checking customers out when I heard the woman in the lane behind me begin to complain loudly. Apparently, she had picked up a CD player that she believed was $26.99, but it was ringing up for about $40.00. The cashier said she could have the electronics department do a price check, and, after she did, she informed the customer that the CD player was in fact $40.00, and that they were out of the $26.99 CD players that were advertised nearby but on a different shelf. The woman didn’t complain about false advertising or insist that she got the item for the price she wanted. Instead, she went into a full attack on the guy in electronics, saying that he was “no good white trash” and that he didn’t want her to have the cheap CD player because she was black. This continued for a good ten minutes while all of my customers (of mixed races) stared on in disbelief.

All I can say is that I’m sure the guy in electronics was really confused as to why his ears were ringing so much.

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