Producing A Criminal

My best friend is a police officer where we live. He got a call one Sunday night to go to Walmart and arrest a shoplifter that security had detained. My friend put the handcuffs on the “customer” and walked him to the back of the store for paperwork. He noticed the guy getting antsy in his chair and just as he was about to tell him to settle down, the guy bolted thru the store still handcuffed! So this guy was running full speed (or as fast as you can with your hands behind your back) up and down the aisles trying to shake my friend. As he rounded the corner to go into produce, another customer who has witnessed all this speared the man into a produce stand!

Imagine if you will a man who has just come church wearing wing tips and a suit bear tackling the crap out of a man in handcuffs into a stand of apples. Epic.

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