Pubic Indecency

I’m a pretty easy going guy and I never would maliciously infringe upon the civil liberties of another, another functioning human being that is. I was in Walmart with my six year old nephew and I was getting him some stupid game that he wanted from the electronics department. As he’s looking through the games, I noticed a teenager out of the corner of my eye. I’m only in my mid-twenties. I remember wearing some strange shit in the name of fashion and I busted a sag with the best of them but this kid had his jeans pulled halfway down his ass crack, rocking a mid drift, and he was going commando. I’m staring at this dude’s bush on one side and half his ass on the other. No exaggeration, he had the base of his wang showing. My nephew didn’t notice yet, but I walked over to the kid.

“Dude, do you mind pulling up your pants. I got a kid right here.” He replied, “This is America. I can wear my pants however I want.”

Needless to say I wasn’t taking this to the supreme court. If this kid didn’t pull up his pants or get out of the store, I was going to exercise my right to punch a stupid person in the face. At this time, a manager came over to us. An employee must have noticed the same thing I did and alerted him. After the manager explained how it is innapropriate and unsanitary to have your pubes dangling out of your pants in public, he told him to pull up the pants or get out of the store.

The only thing I’ll give the kid credit for is he held his ground. He walked out with his head high and his ass and pubes hanging out.

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