Quarter Machine

So I went to the local Walmart one night right after work (around 11pm) to pick up a few things I needed. I only grabbed a couple of things so I walked to the express check-out to try to get out of the store as quickly as possible. As I’m standing in line I notice that in the line beside me the cashier is checking out a woman who is dressed strangely enough to get the attention of everyone in that part of the store. As a pretty thick girl…she’s wearing a pink shirt that doesn’t even begin to cover her boobs, black fishnet pantyhose, and white platform gogo boots. She’s talking pretty loudly to the cashier so of course…everyone turns to look. When the cashier tells her the total…the woman hands over SEVERAL rolls of quarters and says “My clients pay me in quarters!” in a very proud voice! As everyone giggles I look at the people in front of me (1 guy, 2 girls). The guy in front of me looks at her and loudly proclaims “Sweetie, I’m a drag queen and even my clients pay me in 5s, 10s, and 20s!” After that night I vowed never to go in another Walmart after 9pm!

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