Puppies 4 Sale


I have no idea what a Chowennie is, but it sounds adorable. Clearly spelling isn’t a strong point for whatever salesman went with the cardboard sign on a shopping cart marketing plan as he went 0 for 2 but that’s okay, if they are cute enough we can look past that. In conclusion because I like seeing dogs go to new owners I’m going to put my blinders on and ignore it all. Carry on.


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Exotic Pets 4 Sale


Nothing like some over the top pets to scare the shit out of people as they shop in peace. That’s exactly what I was hoping for on my trip to the store, to worry less about stepping in your pet’s crap on the floor and worry more about whether or not it’s going to attack me. Super duper!

South Carolina

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Doggie Day Care


Ohhhhh sweet potato pie, someone get this lady out of here before the cat people see her and start to realize that there are crazy dog ladies too. We’ve worked too hard to keep them hidden from the public eye to let one crazy bitch screw this up for us dog people.


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