The Russian Prez

Is that Vladimir Putin at Walmart?!?!


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One Too Many Snakes

If only Samuel L. Jackson were here to make me feel safe.


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Killer truck wrap. I’d say it comes in handy when you want to piss off PETA supporters even when it’s not hunting season, but you’ve got a Texas plate and I’m pretty sure it’s always hunting season and you’ve kicked all two of the PETA supporters out of the state already.


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Witch’s Finger

You know what I liked about The Secret Life of Pets? Nothing really, but for this joke, I liked that it was a secret. Meaning to lead that secret life they had to be left at home. It’s ok to leave them at home. It’s not ok for Louis C.K.’s character to show everyone his red rocket though. That’s bad. That’s a bad dog.


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