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You guys are stupid and mean. people should be able to wear what they want without being put on the internet and laughed at. If i found myself on here i would sue it! people have the right to wear what they want. If they want to wear dirty gross bikinis with painted faces, so be it! you shouldn’t laugh for things THEY choose to do, what THEY choose to wear. you should all be ashamed.

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The pictures on the web site are sometimes funny, sometimes not, but the content in the comments kind of remind me of a scene in the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The one where Quasimodo’s tied to a wooden platform and everyone’s throwing tomatoes at him because he was ugly and the public was influenced by one person throwing the first. I feel that partially applies to here.

Like, in some cases the pictures are the first person throwing the first tomato, and making the rest of the public feel that it’s socially acceptable to throw more.

I do get Quasimodo was naturally deformed, but sometimes some of the overweight people on here might naturally be that way too. And I think that even if you wear something ugly (not referring to fit) you should be able to do that without a whole lot of people saying stuff.

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So people want to be different… Big deal. I mean I understand the pictures where people’s asses/boobs/bellies are hanging out, but is it really fair to post someone’s picture on the internet to be ridiculed just because he/she doesn’t want to conform? And no, I’m not hating because my/someone i know’s picture’s on this site. I love how all the commenters seem to think the only reason someone would be disgusted by this site was if they were featured on it. But really, laughing at people for being different? You guys sound like a bunch of school kids.

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I must admit that some of your writing is witty and humorous, but I find the overall idea of your site disturbing. Black people have this huge problem with what happened with segregation, yet they now behave in the same way as those people they claim to despise. That is hypocritical. Making fun of and exploiting people just because they are different from you. That is what this site is doing, yet that is the exact behavior that BLACKS claim to despise. HYPOCRITICAL. You are no better than those people you claim to hate, in essence, you may as well hate yourselves. You SHOULD hate yourselves because what you are doing is evil and wrong in every sense of the word. You do not have these people’s permission to take their photos. You are all COWARDS who hide behind your Iphones and laptops. It’s truly pathetic and disgraceful. I am ashamed to be the same species as you. I KNOW FOR A FACT you will rot in Hell, and even though I’m sure you are one of those idiots who says they don’t believe in Hell, that wont stop the Devil from sodomizing you with a red hot poker. Have fun you piece of human garbage.


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