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I see nothing funny about unsolicited pictures of Wal-Mart Customers and posting them on my Internet. I can only suppose that the Wal-Mart Owners and Stock Holders approve such conduct within their ranks. In public schools such conduct would be characterize as “Bullying” and
Wal-Mart should be held accountable. In my opinion: I find such conduct very troubling that large businesses such as Wal-Mart have allow photos be taken of “their” obese customers and posted as “Funny Pictures at Wal-Mart” on the Internet.

In support of Sandy McMillin this is my only comment: NO SHOES – NO SHIRT – NO SERVICE. Where does it say no beach wear? Even Bikinis? Good luck Sandy. Take them to the cleaners.

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u people r sick making fun of people for wat they look like u guys should be ashamed we r all human they may can afford cloths or have special needs again u people r sick i cant believe  u people would do this u make me sick if some 1 saw there self’s they would probably cry them self’s asleep or they may just do it for publicity i cant believe u sick people

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I am disgusted by your site. I am 18 years old, an age that most adults would consider immature, and yet I am able to understand the fundamental idea of respect, something that you evidently haven’t fully practiced, seeing as you run a site that encourages the harassment of innocent people with no regard to their personal privacy. I don’t expect that this email will change anything, I mean, who would want to take down a site that is making them thousands of dollars?
People like you are sick. How is it that you find it empowering to post pictures of people WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT, and offer a site that allows people to publicly humiliate these victims who are just minding their own business(another concept that you and the people of your site should consider practicing).  And then, you have the nerve to manipulate the law in an effort to protect yourselves from your own slanderous behavior!! I truly hope you cowards are faced with a lawsuit against you some time soon. No one deserves to intentionally “poke fun at”(clearly a “beating around the bush” term) other human beings, because, while you’re laughing and having a jolly good time making money off of these people’s humiliation, guess what those peopl who had their rights infringed upon are doing? Keep that in mind.

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You guys are jerks doing this these people are just following their hearts and being comfortable.

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