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yo wat the hell that backwords titty girl i dont think thats funny theres people with weird conditions they cant do nothing about it. youh guys are some ignorant low self etsteemm bitches that have nothing better to do than make fun of everybody that walks into wal-mart. cmon now fat people cant control wat they eat u noe obsiety isz a disiese nnddd remeber CARMAS A BITCHHHH

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I think whoever made this website is completely sick in their head.  Has no compassion for other peoples feelings and invades peoples privacy.  You have no right to take pictures of people without their knowledge and post them up to be made fun of, you should be absolutely ashamed.  Do you not have anything better to do with your time??? Obviously not.  I hope that one of these days somebody close to you ends up on here getting embarrassed and see how you react and will feel then.  That is all I have to say because I think this is the most horrific and sickening website that I have ever seen.  SHAME ON YOU and just remember karma always comes back

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Dealing With Haters: Delilah

First email:
I am not sure you are aware but then again I doubt very much that you care that one of the hardworking people you are making fun of is a Baptist minister shopping with his family. It take a very low class person or persons to make fun of people that work for a living. I am willing to bet that the people that took and put these pictures up are living on welfare. I guess these pictures are just your way of hating those that work for a living. I do want you to remember one thing,Karma is a bitch!

Our reply:
Can you please tell me which photo you are referring to so that it may be removed? Thanks.

Response to our reply:
Does it really matter? I work with special needs kids you people wouldnt think twice about making fun of one of them if they were dressed differently or if they were having a seizure you guys would probably laugh yourselves sick. Do me a favor and dont email me again. Just the thought of someone like you even knowing my email addy makes me sick.

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Hasn’t it ever occurred to you epic douchebags that some of the people you post on this website might be poor, mentally ill, or too depressed to get up in the morning, much less put on clothes? When your parents asked you “What do you want to be when you grow up”? what did you say? Did you say, I want to make a website mocking and ridiculing people who are less fortunate then me? I don’t think so. Get a real life and a real job! Reality check, this is not a real career. You’re wasting your life and intelligence on this shit! You’re probably one of those 30 year old losers who live in your mom’s basement wanking off to gay porn and trying to survive off of Chees-Itz and greasy pizza because you wasted all your money on drugs. You obviously have nothing better to do with your time than make fun of people. It is a very sad day indeed for those thousands of innocent victims who were just trying to shop at WalMart and never knew that their picture would be taken against their wil!
l so that the masses could lash out at them with ignorant rudeness and mean words, making them feel like worthless pieces of shit! My heart goes out to the poor people who probably committed suicide when they saw their picture on this site! I hope someone ties 7 juicy raw pork chops to your crotch and locks you in a cage with a hungry lion! You’d deserve it. But your not gonna listen to me, so just keep on doing what your doing! Printed leopards never change their spots. But eventually you’ll get caught taking pictures of a person, and you’ll be thought of as a stalker or serial killer, and you’ll get arrested! And when that does happen, I will not refrain from saying I told you so! In fact, the world is gonna end in 2012, but for a different reason!
It is gonna end because lowlifes like you are gonna bring the world to a cataclysmic halt! Your gonna destroy the world! Well, that’s all I have to say, and I hope you take my advice and stop what your doing!

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