Real Doll Featured At Walmart

Real Doll Walmart

Recently a real doll has rolled into Walmart. We’ll call her Barbie, pun intended since she’s made of plastic. Barbie is a faux sugar baby who likes long rolls on the beach, and riding near the self checkout. Her dislikes are her lover’s grandson who constantly puts her in the toy box, and telling grandpa she’s “fake.”

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Santa Baby Hurry Down To Walmart Tonight

Santa's Little Helper

Santa baby, hurry down to the self checkout tonight.

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Friday Lesson: Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day.

Breakfast Most Important Meal

At People of Walmart we enjoy giving the absolute best advice to our visitors. Today, we give you advice through a photo. So the next time your shirt, socks, and underwear are all in the wash strap on your overalls and head to Walmart. Why? Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

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People of Walmart Logic 101: How To Pronounce Bananas

Yellow Bananas

Banana Pronunciation: Long Yellow Things

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