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shopping with hoverboard

He had to pause life aka Fortnite in order to make this trip. His paw paw dropped him off at the entrance where he grabbed a mask from the greeter. The greeter looked at him with disgust as he rolled into Walmart on his hoverboard. He was only supposed to grab his paw paw some heartburn meds with the debit card he was given. However he took a turn on his hoverboard to the chip isle where he grabbed a handful of small packs of Cool Ranch Doritos. He went to checkout, then realized he didn’t grab the heartburn meds. He still proceeded to the vehicle his paw paw was waiting in, only to tell him they were completely out and that he rolled around everywhere looking for them.

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Why So Serious?

Send In The Clowns

Why so serious? Well, because after a long days work at the local clown store. Bumpo the clown here is rolling back to savings at his local Walmart. Food of choice? Frozen pizza for a clown who appears to have clown mouth, and no regrets.

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Skin Colored Yoga Pants

SKin Colored Yoga Pants

We couldn’t feature these skin colored on our sister site Girls In Yoga Pants, however this was the right place to post since it was seen at Walmart.

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Lotto Winner at Walmart

lotto winner

Here’s Sally, she likes long walks on the beach, holdin her clutch purse, and itchin crotch in isle 5. Let’s hope she’s not using one of those pizza makers to the left for dinner later.

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